Zuzanna Matras

Zuzanna is a recent graduate from The University College of Osteopathy (formerly British School of Osteopathy), where she has been treating patients in various specialised clinics such as: Blackfriars for elderly patients, Royal Free Hospital and Blanchard Clinic for patients with HIV, Sports Clinic and Expectant Mothers Clinic. Her interest and experience is in treating musculoskeletal complaints as well as patients with chronic pain in all age and genders.

Her motivation is to aid patients with a range of health issues to reach optimal
physical health and overall well-being through a biopsychosocial approach, balanced manual interventions, rehabilitative exercises and clinical advice, always encouraging the body’s self-healing mechanisms. Zuzanna is also a certified aromatherapist.

Specialisms: OsteopathyPregnancy MassageRemedial/Deep-Tissue MassageSport Massage.

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