Thomas Jordan

Tom has a Master of Osteopathy degree from the University College of Osteopathy, and has been practicing as an osteopath since 2012, first in Barbados, and then in Edinburgh, before moving back down to his hometown, London. He’s been a massage therapist since 2005, with clients including the Financial Times and PWC. He has qualifications in sports massage and office massage.

He developed an interest in how the human body works while training in Japanese martial arts, which led him to bodywork. Although he loved his work as editor for a book publisher, he got restless sitting at a desk all day. Perhaps a new freelance career was inevitable when he started to get everyone up from their desks to join him in a group exercise session. Working freelance as an editor on some exciting books also gave him the opportunity to develop his interest in bodywork.

He offers a range of options to suit you in terms of his approach. He gets good results, and his clients often refer family and friends. He’s friendly, warm and caring.

He cares about making you feel at ease, letting you tell your story, really listening, being interested in you as a whole person, fully understanding your concerns, showing care and compassion, being positive, explaining things clearly, helping you to take control, and making a plan of action with you. When his clients in Edinburgh were asked to rate him on how well he did these things, using an anonymous questionnaire called the CARE Measure, his average rating across all categories was 4.7 out of 5, or “excellent”. He hopes to do the same for you.

He believes that, whatever the problem, what helps you get better is not one special technique or another, but the whole interaction – and you are as much a part of that as him.

Specialisms: OsteopathyCranial OsteopathyRemedial/Deep-Tissue MassageSport MassageAromatherapy Massage.

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