Eloise Bonel

Eloise completed her first Mat qualification in 2016 and had since undertaken comprehensive teacher training in all Pilates equipment with Basi, as well as specialisations in pre and post natal and injuries and pathologies. Coming from a corporate background, Eloise is particularly interested in posture and re-training the movement patterns that are often developed from hours spent sitting at desks. Her personal mission is to help us get back to being the strong and mobile creatures we were born to be! Eloise is passionate about taking prenatal mothers through their pregnancy journey with Pilates by providing a supportive environment and contributing to a healthy pregnancy and a successful recovery through focussing on posture an alignment as the centre of gravity shifts, appropriate strengthening and stretching of the muscles of the body, as well as conditioning the pelvic floor. Eloise’s classes work all areas of the body with a focus on technique and alignment. She likes to keep it real and teaches at a pace that is easy to follow for beginners, yet challenging to even the most seasoned Pilates enthusiasts!

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