Ben Sayer

Ben Sayer – Osteopath – graduated from the British School of Osteopathy (now known as The University College of Osteopathy) with a Masters in Osteopathy.

Ben is a brilliant hands-on osteopath, using a diverse range of techniques in addition to advice on lifestyle, posture and rehabilitation exercises. Ben also incorporates the use of medical acupuncture and kinesiology taping in his treatments to achieve the best recovery and maintenance with each patient.

Ben specialises in Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, Rheumatological conditions and Sports Related Injuries.

Ben describes himself as a sports enthusiast playing a vast range of sports on a regular basis, focusing on rugby, weight lifting and cross-fit in particular. As a young sports person, Ben represented his county and nation in badminton and as a cross country runner. Through extensive exposure to elite sporting life, Ben gained a broad knowledge of training, injury management and various treatment methods.

Specialisms: OsteopathyCranial OsteopathyRemedial/Deep-Tissue MassageSport MassageAromatherapy Massage.

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