Welcome to Kuu in the City


A dedicated space for conscious health and wellbeing.

Located moments from Liverpool street station, Kuu in the City offers sanctuary for
miles, with easy access transport links throughout London for those looking to seek
out something special and a local healing hub for nearby workers and neighbours.

Experience soulful restoration in the heart of the city.

空 Kū, read as Kuu, in Japanese means sky or heaven. It is the
space that surrounds us, and it is also within us. It translates
as ether, the fifth and most sacred of the elements, and in
Sanskrit means open space. Just like the mothership, our East London clinic, Kuu in the
City has been created to embody this sense of a sacred
space. Somewhere you can come to find ‘space’, both within
yourself and within the business of life, to restore, revive and
tend to what needs tending to.


Our carefully chosen team of highly experienced osteopaths, massage therapists and practitioners will be
on hand, 5 days a week creating space for you in this intimate setting, nestled amongst the bustling city. With a holistic approach and years of experience, by listening to you and working with the body, our therapists are able to create tailored made treatments to suit your bodies individual needs.

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Kuu in the City offers an expansive selection of treatments and therapies to support, nourish and heal you. Mind body and soul. With a focus on osteopathy, visceral, cranial and structural. Pre to post natal, fertility & pelvic health. General musculoskeletal and stress management through bodywork. Whether you’re a mum to be, an athlete or simply seeking wellbeing and ease in your daily life, we have the perfect treatment to help you find that space.

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